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S925 sterling silver sunflower pearl bracelet

S925 sterling silver sunflower pearl bracelet


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S925 sterling silver sunflower pearl bracelet


Product material: S925 Sterling Silver,pearl,Zircon

Product features:

Sunflowers represent strength,vitality,and endurance-everything needs to survive a harsh season of life...

While the blooming aspect represents a new chapter and a new beginning.A new season of your life -one filled with happiness and properity!A time to start a new and fresh ,rejuvenated,and revitalized! A time to bloom once again.

This necklace serves as a perfect reminder of this new season, making it a wonderful gift for someone who needs to keep these thoughts close to them.-Handmade out of 925 Sterling Silver and Australian Zircon Crystal.

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The details of jewelry maintenance are as follows:
1. Jewelry is often replaced. The same jewelry should not be worn for a long time. Especially in hot summer, the jewelry coating is exposed to sweat for a long time and is easy to corrode. Therefore, it is best to prepare multiple jewelry for frequent replacement. (after all, jewelry is for beauty, not durability. It needs to be cherished. In a word, jewelry is taken home before going out.)
2. Jewelry is easy to be damaged when exposed to chemicals. The aroma of bathing, chlorine in swimming and salt in seawater will cause corrosion marks on the jewelry coating, so all the accessories should be removed before bathing or swimming.
3. It is easy to rub flowers due to collision. Be careful not to overlap ornaments. Store them in the original packaging bag or in the jewelry box with independent small lattice to avoid rubbing the flower surface due to mutual collision
4. Clean jewelry from time to time. Use a soft fine brush to wipe the surface of jewelry to remove surface stains. Seal and store after wiping.


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