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Sunflower Inlaid Pearl Asymmetrical Personality Ear Studs

Sunflower Inlaid Pearl Asymmetrical Personality Ear Studs


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Sunflower Inlaid Pearl Asymmetrical Personality Ear Studs

Product Features

Art fusion, advanced customization. Inspired by Van Gogh’s famous paintings, it explains that jewelry contains the bright soul of life.

Product Information

Material: stering silver

Design: sunflowers

Style: individual 

Color: Yellow 

Applicable Gender:Female

Inspired by Van Gogh’s Sunflower.The sunflower in Van Gogh’s pen is a beating flame, the color is bright and eye-catching, and the bright yellow is extremely saturated.

A variety of colorful materials are mixed at low temperature and transformed into beautiful jewelry with gem-like luster and texture.

The use of exquisite glass material, with extraordinary brightness and excellent light dispersion, highly presents the charm of sunflower stamens

Adopting 925 silver that meets international standards. The pure silver quality is environmentally friendly and not easy to allergy.


It is important for us to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their choices. We provide 7-day return and 1-month exchange warranty for every piece of jewelry in our store. If the jewelry you buy from us has quality problems such as fading, falling diamonds etc., please feel free to contact us and we will replace it for you free of charge or give you a refund (within 7days from receiving the product) . We try our best to ensure the quality of each product, but because most of the products are made of many tiny materials, it is inevitable that a very small part of them may occur small problems. If so, please contact us in time and we will do our best to solve it for you.


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