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Vintage 925 Silver Needle Basil Double Leaf Gold-plated Earrings for Women

Vintage 925 Silver Needle Basil Double Leaf Gold-plated Earrings for Women


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Product Features

Basil means king in Greek, and Indians regard it as a sacred herb.
Basil, also known as the nine-story tower.
The origin of the nine-story tower is said to be when an ancient emperor went on tour,
due to a sudden flood, he was trapped on a nine-story tower that had long been abandoned.
Since he did not bring anything to eat, the emperor had to pick a weed that grew on the eaves of the tower to satisfy his hunger.
The emperor ordered the entourage to bring seeds back to the palace to plant and to
 commemorate the tower, the weed was named the nine-story tower.

Product Information

Plated Type:Gold Plated


Size: about 3.7cm in height

Applicable Gender:Female 





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