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Turquoise Sunshine Stainless Steel Clavicle Chain

Turquoise Sunshine Stainless Steel Clavicle Chain


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Turquoise Sunshine Stainless Steel Clavicle Chain

Inspired of Sun.The sun symbolizes eternity, light, vitality, prosperity, warmth and hope.Even when you are far away from friend and family, You have the courage and power inside to navigate your own way. this necklace will remind enjoy the journey as you dream, and reach for your goals.


Occasion: The necklace great for you or your friends and easy to match any clothes ,suitable for any occasion, like night-out party, pageant , prom,wedding, shopping and dating.

Product specification:

Material: Titanium steel
Style: Korean style
Shape: Geometric
Size: Chain length 40+6cm
Pendant size: 2.1*23cm
Weight: About 2.9g

Returns & Exchanges

It is important for us to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their choices. We provide a one-month return service for jewelry that has faded or dropped diamonds. If your ring is damaged within one month, please contact us at customer@Shinelikeu.com.

Precautions for wearing

  • Separately sealed storage: If you do not wear jewelry for a long time, you need to wipe it clean and put it in the free sealed bag to avoid friction and damage to the jewelry.
  • Avoid wearing while swimming: keep the jewelry dry to prevent oxidation, wipe it clean in time after it gets wet.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals: Chemicals are prone to chemical reactions with accessories, so they should be used before wearing.
  • Avoid collision and friction with hard objects
  • Avoid wearing it for a long time when sweating: sweat contains fatty acids, urea, etc., which are corrosive to jewelry.


It is important for us to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their choices. We provide 7-day return and 1-month exchange warranty for every piece of jewelry in our store. If the jewelry you buy from us has quality problems such as fading, falling diamonds etc., please feel free to contact us and we will replace it for you free of charge or give you a refund (within 7days from receiving the product) . We try our best to ensure the quality of each product, but because most of the products are made of many tiny materials, it is inevitable that a very small part of them may occur small problems. If so, please contact us in time and we will do our best to solve it for you.


We will ship your orders in 48 hours and it normally takes 7-10 days for delivery in most areas in the world. Remote areas may take longer.

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